FBE Congress Malaga
Bienvenidos al Congreso FBE Málaga

We are proud to announce and extend a warm invitation to the upcoming General Congress of the European Bars Federation (FBE), which will take place from June 6 to 8, 2024, in the illustrious city of Málaga, Spain. This setting offers not only a rich historical and cultural context but also reflects innovation and transformation. Málaga, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, provides the perfect backdrop for this significant event, symbolizing the balance between respect for the legal legacy and the adoption of new trends and technologies in legal practice.

This event promises to be a confluence of legal minds from all over Europe, gathered to debate the future of the legal profession and explore advancements at the intersection of technology and law.

Throughout the congress, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in sessions covering a wide range of topics, designed to stimulate critical thinking and promote constructive dialogues. These include the intersection of advancements in artificial intelligence with legal practice, the evolution of legal fields with a special focus on intellectual property and innovation in the EU, as well as mediation and its role in access to justice.
Special attention will be given to gender equality within the legal profession, exploring strategies to overcome existing challenges and foster a more inclusive and equitable environment. Additionally, the incorporation of AI in legal practice will be a crucial topic of discussion, examining how these tools can be utilized to improve efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining the highest ethical and security standards.

This congress is configured not only as an event for intellectual exchange and discussion on future challenges but also as a catalyst for professional development and collective growth within the European legal community. We aspire for this event to act as a source of inspiration and a meeting point to foster the development of ethical, informed, and adaptive legal practices in response to global and technological changes.

As the President of the European Bars Federation and Dean of the Illustrious Bar Association of Málaga, we warmly welcome each one of you, dear colleagues and friends. Together, we will forge the future of an ethical and well-founded legal practice, ensuring fairness in societies that are constantly evolving.

Welcome to Málaga!


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Registration for FBE members that includes scientific program, lunches, and gala dinner.

Abogacía de Málaga Lawyers


Exclusive for members of the Málaga Bar Association, with the option to add a gala dinner and companion.

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General registration for all interested parties, with the option to add a gala dinner and companion.